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New Year's Eve at Various Venues

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About Various Venues

If you thought that the best nightlife in North America was in the U.S., think again. While New York, Miami, and Vegas get most of the attention, Toronto happens to have some of the best entertainment on this side of the hemisphere, and when it comes to their bar scene, there's really nothing that compares. What better day to enjoy the great bars that Toronto has to offer than on St. Patrick's Day. This year it's only going to get better as the producers of the World's Largest Pub Crawl have decided to make Toronto the next host for their groundbreaking event - the Luck of the Irish St. Patrick's Day pub crawl!
If you're looking to be a part of history, here's your opportunity. They've enlisted the help of some of the best bars that Toronto has to offer to be a part of this massive crawl. Picture hundreds, even thousands of guests hopping from bar to bar and enjoying fun, safe and social environments where you'll meet new friends, and enjoy some of the best drink specials on St. Patrick's Day. has already broken into the Guinness Book, and this could potentially outdo their previous efforts. Tickets are currently on sale for this highly anticipated event, so make sure you and your friends act quick and get yours now!
For more information please call - 212.724.3900

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