Tips and Tricks

Place your event in the right category.
Make sure your event is listed in the right venue category. If it’s a special venue you have, try using the Unique category. Visitors like looking in this category for something different.

Add your event to multiple categories if you can.
If you’re a nightclub in a hotel try adding your listing to the Nightclubs, Bars and Lounges, and Hotels categories. By being listed in multiple categories you increase the chances of people reading your event details and purchasing tickets.

Promote early. It’s cheaper.
Everyone will be competing on the few days prior to annual events to promote their own event. Try setting higher daily budgets a few days earlier and you’ll get some early bird visitors and ticket sales at a much cheaper cost.

Make sure you don’t run out of funds.
Since you have promotional control, having enough funds in your account to cover your daily budget is extremely important. If your funds run out you may see your event drop in rankings and not be noticed as much.

Use banners.
While our site is targeted to people looking for annual events, extra banner promotion could help drive those extra views and sales you need. Only two spots are available at any given time on our site so take advantage!

Finally…stay on top of your ranking.
Being at the bottom of the pile versus #1 will make the world of difference to your event. Don’t let your listing rank slide so low that nobody sees you. The more visible your event, the more views. More sales usually follow. Oh, that’s if you’re throwing a good event of course.