Frequently Asked Questions by Promoters and Event Organizers

General Questions

What makes Noo Events different from other event directories?

Full promotion control, low cost, and a targeted audience. You have complete control on how high your event listing ranks in the directory on any day and each of our directories are promoted to draw targeted visitors.

As part of the network of properties, Noo Events naturally gains more traffic monthly as we expand our network and market our unique brand.

What are the benefits of promoting on Noo Events?

By including your event in a Noo Events directory you benefit from the advertising and marketing we do to draw thousands of visitors searching for events such as yours.

Events in our directory will be reviewed by our editors for inclusion in our email campaigns and public relations efforts. Promotion in our public relation emails, press releases, and radio or television appearances does not require further payment and is fully included with your promotion in our directory.

What does Noo do to promote my event page?

We focus on search engine marketing and optimization so our directory is ranked high in search engines. Our integrated social marketing features also spread your event listing organically through social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. We also do press releases, online advertising, throw branded events, and have a big email list of people interested in hearing about events listed with us.

Is there a cost to list my event?

There is $1/day minimum rate to promote your event with us but we typically give you funds and make it FREE for you :-) Rates may fluctuate and are based on multiple factors including your city, category, directory, number of other events listed, and how soon you submit your listing. The sooner you list your event the lower the cost!

Can I sell tickets on Noo Events?

Noo Events is not a ticketing service. Our focus and added value to you is marketing and promotion. As such we do not sell tickets for events however you can link your event to any other ticketing system you decide to use.

What happens if I don't activate my listing in the directory?

You may still use your event page to show details of your event and link to it from your own website. Your event listing will still be indexed on search engines.

Why don't I see my event listing in the directory?

If you don't see your event in our directory pages it means you have not activated it in a category or your funds have run out. You need to be active in at least one category to promote your event in the directory. Click on Manage Promotion for your event to activate your event in a category or to add funds.

What information do you need about my event?

The basic information we require is event name, venue name, address, date and time of the event as well as a basic description about the event. The more information you provide about your event the better. Submit your event here and you'll see what we need.

Promoting Your Event

Where will I rank?

Initially you will be added in the last position of the category you select, however as more events are added you will see your position improve. This is a benefit of listing your event sooner.

You may always improve your rank further, and even be #1, by clicking Manage Promotion for your event. Simply add more funds, increase your budget and see your event listing rank higher than others. For additional exposure inquire about banner advertising opportunities.

How can I improve my rank and exposure?

With more funds in your account you can set higher daily budgets to improve your rank on any day, any moment in our listings. Improved rank typically leads to more views of your event details and more sales of tickets. You may always add more funds to your account by clicking on Manage Promotion for your event.

How is my directory rank calculated?

Your rank is determined by the category you are listed in and your daily budget compared to those of other listings. As long as you set a daily budget that is higher than another event in the same category you will rank higher than that event.

Is my rank guaranteed?

Ranks are not guaranteed as various factors affect them. If you want a "guarantee" of top placement simply make sure you have enough funds in your account and your daily budget is set higher than other events.

Why don't I see my listing at the top even though I've set a really high daily budget?

There may be several reasons.
1. Our listings have not been updated so your new budget hasn't quite taken effect.
2. Another listing still has a higher daily budget, or
3. You have no funds available to be used.

What happens when my funds run out?

When your funds run low you will be sent a notification so that you can add more funds before they fully run out. If you run out of funds for your event your listing will expire. To renew your listing simply add more funds to your account and reactivate your listing in a category.

Banner Advertising

How much does it cost for a banner advertisement?

For banner pricing please click here.

How many impressions will my advertisement receive? receives 1,000,000 + views in November/December. The amount of impressions you will receive depends on the actual amount of traffic Noo gets and the amount of advertisers we have on the site. However the amount of traffic you receive is unlimited and not capped. The sooner you sign up the more bang for your buck!

For advertisers looking for guaranteed impressions or a specific number of clicks we can also arrange for ad campaigns based on CPM (cost per thousand impressions) or CPC (cost per click) pricing. For more information please contact us.

What banner sizes do you offer?

We offer two banner sizes: 250x250 Square Banners and 160x600 Skyscraper Banners.

Can you design a banner for me?

Yes, Noo has an amazing art department that can come up with custom concepts that will increase your conversion rates and click through rates resulting in a higher return on investment.

How much does it cost to design a banner for me?

Please click here for banner design pricing.