What's noo? An annual update of the exploration ...

2011, 4708, 1390, 5771, 6, etc.

It's 32 days before 2012. A big year of change.

2011 allowed us to focus on a 3rd major redesign of our events site as we thought about our core values and our future.

The most exciting thing about this year is our fundraising campaign for charity: water to help give clean water to 40,000 people per year in Northern Ethiopia. We've never actually done a campaign of this size - it's all new to us - but it was one of those things we felt we just had to do this year. The team is more committed than ever to reaching our campaign goal of raising $20,000 by 2012. While our events product hasn't become a sustainable business yet and we don't have millions of users, we don't believe we need either to create a positive impact in the world.

That was the big realization this year. We don't need to have money and we don't need to be a big organization to make the world a better place. We just need to be committed to changing the way things are, to be creative and to collaborate. So we are dedicating and committing all our efforts for New Year's 2012 to this cause and our asking our website visitors, our Twitter followers, our Facebook fans, and family and friends, to simply give, give, give - water.

To have some improvised and creative fun we're throwing a special New Year's celebration that can only happen with enough donations. And you're invited.

We want to celebrate this New Year's not because the year is changing, but because together, we're creating a positive impact on the world. That kind of new beginning is always worthy of a great celebration.


2010, 4707, 1389, 5770, 5, etc.

34 days before 2011. The fact that this annual update comes earlier than last year is a sign that Noo is getting healthier again after an almost fatal blow in 2008.

While it has been another slow year with very limited resources and continued balancing act between Noo and TVI, we’ve made great progress with our Events website over the last few months. We’ve been taking care of the kinks to allow us to begin marketing events year-round in 2011 and actually make the site more useful to visitors. The Noo Guy got his own Twitter page and we also rebranded our emails. Our party animals have officially been let loose. Watch out for them!

As the event industry (especially for New Year’s) has changed quite a bit over the last few years with so many ticketing and marketing platforms coming about, so have we. And some brand new ideas and direction are being laid out for 2011. We’re keeping them hush hush for now but think everyone will really enjoy the Noo plan for 2011.

We received some great feedback at the NYC Web Design meetup recently and are looking forward to implementing the improvements soon. If you think we can improve things too, please give us your feedback here.


2009, 4706, 1388, 5769, 4, etc.

It’s 11 days before 2010. The first decade of new millennium is coming to an end. What do we call these years? The zeros, oughts, beginnings? What did they call the first decade of 1000?

As we head into a new millennium are we entering a Noo Age as social networks and technology connect individuals across the planet faster than ever? Are the neural networks of the global brain finally starting to organize themselves and induce global action through status updates and tweets? Are we about to become aware of something bigger than the world as we know it? Or as we don't know it? Jack Byrne has some fascinating incite on this evolution of consciousness and the topic of Noo Age Media in his essays.

Until we digest his essays though over a cup of tea we’re going to try and figure out why some stuff on our site still doesn’t work the way we want. With more challenges than expected in 2009 from the economy, we scaled back some big plans and are scraping by these days. Thankfully TVI had a better year to keep noo alive. In 2009 we also threw a bunch of full moon events to keep our creative juices going and had a blast. Looking forward to more of those in the future. Unfortunately we didn’t have the resources to put an event together on the full moon taking place this new year :-(

It’s our first year active in London, Melbourne, and Syndey but one thing for sure is that it’s not easy to keep work with event organizers on the other side of the planet. Looking forward to figuring that out in 2010 too.

Wishing the world a happy end to 2009 and some sanity in 2010.

2008, 4705, 1387, 5768, 3, etc.

So here it is. Our new website! It’s two day’s before our season’s launch party on October 29 and typical to every year, we’re working away, furiously making improvements and adding new ideas to the site in the continuous effort to improve the new year’s experience.

As part of this year’s additions we’ve got a whole new Hotel and Travel section to help travelers find hotels, cars, flights and vacation rentals during the holiday season. You can expect our full selection of e-cards once again towards the end of the year, as well as the new ability to review events and help organizers improve their annual celebrations.

As a result of great feedback and requests over our first few New Year seasons we've also made the change from nooYears to nooEvents. The change allows us to FINALLY provide our services year round for other annual celebrations and cultural events. View the press release.

In addition to our revamped events site we also launched nooExperiences earlier this year to get our feet wet with some other fun stuff. The feedback has been great and we’re really looking forward to improving that site in 2009. We know. It still doesn’t have a search functionality. We're working on it!

Oh yeah, and we've officially become The Noo Group Ltd. as of May. While Noo Year Hospitality LLC made sense as we started with a New Year's specific service, we felt our new name was a better fit for our long term vision. Hopefully the VCs that we'll be pitching soon will agree. Speaking of which, does anyone know any? We'd love some intros.

2007, 4704, 1386, 5767, 2, etc.

This year has been another year of challenging experiences for us. From finding new team members and planning for our growth in 2008, to making some unexpected leaps into new territories, we’ve been busy. But once again you won’t see too much change on the surface, at least not until the new year.

As of today, November 19th, we’ve got another noo Beginning under way and looking forward to its completion. We’ve also started our new blog which we’ll try to update more regularly than this annual post.

2006, 4703, 1385, 5766, 1, etc.

This year is a baby step year in which we've focused our efforts on improving the usability of the site. We haven't been able to address all the issues but hopefully you'll find it easier to browse or search for events and to buy your tickets.

On the creative front we'll be releasing a whole bunch of e-cards towards the end of the year. We hope you'll enjoy sending them to friends and family.

2005, 4702, 1384, 5765, 0, etc.

Well we don't have too much of a history to write about yet as this website is actually brand new. But here's the short version of what noo is all about...

noo.com was created this year to bring people together on every New Year, to share cultures and to celebrate new beginnings. As an event guide and ticket broker for celebrations we strive to:

  • Build a valuable New Year's information resource
  • Simplify New Year's holiday planning
  • Explore the world where culture celebrates
  • Challenge ourselves (and maybe even you) with a little Creativity
  • Not confuse ourselves on a daily basis in the office when we tell each other "the new file for that noo idea is in the new folder". Honestly. You may not think it, but it's a serious communication problem we face internally; one which we do admit, does usually lead to some good daily chuckles and many confused looks.

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