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Under the Azure Dome: Festival Day - 18th

Harbourfront Centre

March 18th, 2005 8:00 am -
Tickets: FREE
Critique - 11:00 am at Studio Theatre
Aref Mohammadi, host of the popular OMNI channel cinema-critique show, Film and Cinema, presents a two-part lecture series on pre-revolution and post-revolution Iranian Cinema.
Film Screening: Nane Lala - 12:30 pm at Studio Theatre
Kambozia Partovi, the award winning screenwriter (Border Cafe and Circle premiers two of his films, Nane Lala (1997), First Prize Winner at the Frnakfurt Film Festival (1998), and Adult's Game, First Prize Winner in the Fajr Film Festival (1992). (with English subtitles)
Screenwriting Workshop - 4:00 pm - 6:30 pm at Harbourfront Centre Tea Room
Kambozia Partovi, the acclaimed screenwriter, will lead a two-part workshop on screenwriting. For tickets, please call 416.973.4000
**Pre-registration required
Theatre Performances
Soheil Parsa: Staged Reading of The Passion of Hallaj - 1:00 pm at Brigantine Room
The award-winning director, actor, writer, dramaturage, choreographer and teacher, presents a staged reading of "The Passion of Hallaj". Accused of heresy, Hallaj, a legendary Sufi master, has been condemned to death by the Orthodox religious authorities for his thoughts and teachings: namely his claim of being "The Truth". On the day of his execution, he is given the chance to recant his thoughts and save the lives of his wife and son. In the final hours of his life, Hallaj struggles to make a choice: hold on to his beliefs and sacrifice his family, or recant and save their lives.
Vida Ghahremani - 3:00 pm at Lakeside Terrace
Vida Ghahremani presents a variety of puppet shows. Come see his puppets come alive to dance to live Banadari music, deal with the challenges of immigration, and tell a new version of a very old tale.
Sassan Ghahreman - 7:30 pm at Lakeside Terrace
Sassan Ghahreman presents an old art form of reciting and acting out epic poems of Shahnameh (Book of Kings) in a one-man show in a traditional tea house setting.
Dance Performances
Fethi Karakecili - 1:30 pm at Lakeside Terrace
Fethi Karakecili, a graduate of the Dance Contemporary in Turkey, performs various folk dances from Turkey of Kurdish, Armenian and Assyrian backgrounds.
Sashar Zarif - 5:00 pm at Studio Theatre
Sashar Zarif presents an excerpt from his 2006 Tour, "Meeting with Saghi". The performance will include a selection of traditional/ritualistic Central Asian, Azerbaijani, and Persian classical dance forms to live music original compositions by Pirouz Yousefian with accompaniment by Amin Kargaran.
Studio Theatre - 6:30 pm at Studio Theatre
Ida Meftahl performs five pieces showcasing the wide variety of movement traditions in Iran, ranging from female folk dances such as Gilani and khorasani, to contemporary works inspired by men's zoorkhaneh and stick dance, and the spiritual ceremony of Pirshalyar in Kurdistan.
Visual Arts Exhibition
Silence of Colours: Contemporary Iranian/Canadian Artists - 11:00 am - midnight at Marilyn Brewer Community Space
Curated by Firouza Athari, Silence of Colours presents the artistic vitality of Iranian Canadian artists. The exhibition provides an opportunity to appreciate the scope of work by contemporary Iranian Artists living in Canada. Selected art at this exhibition presents various styles from miniature and calligraphy, to expressionism, video installation and photography.
Children's Activities - 11:00 am - 6:00 pm at Zoom Room
Nasrin Javanfar features dynamic series of fun and educational activities for children, ranging from egg colouring for Haft Seen to puppet shows and dance performances.
Sense of Spring
Facing East - 5:00 pm at Lakeside Terrace
Facing East is a culturally diverse group, performing Bandari, a type of folk music from southern Iran, known for its vibrancy and liveliness.
Pirouz Yousefian and Ed Hanley - 6:30 pm at Brigantine Room
Pirouz Yousefian and Ed Hanley mix Persian melodies with Indian rhythms to create an eclectic and rare fusion of sounds.
Main Programme - 8:30 pm at Harbourfront Centre Theatre
Sense of Spring is a Classical concert featuring a fifty plus member symphony orchestra playing works by celebrated Persian and Azeri composers. This ticketed event at the Harbourfront Centre Theatre features prominent Canadian musicians engaged in performing unique symphonic works - led by acclaimed conductor Mehdi Javanfar.
    The Programme Features:
    The Legend of My Fatherland by Kurd composer Arsalaan Kamkar, a symphonic suite in three movements, based on folk and original Kurdish music by the orchestra.

    Symphony No. 5 by Shaahin Farhat, the Iranian symphonist, features a well-known melody by Darvish Khan.

    Azerbaijan Capricioby Azeri composer, Fikret Amirov, is a spectacular work for a large symphony orchestra. Amirov is well-known among Azeris and Iranians, but his melodies resonate globally.

    The Blood of Seyavash, originally commissioned by the Nashville Ballet, it is the third piece in the Persian Trilogy. It is a cycle of three orchestral works composed by Behzad Ranjbaran. The trilogy was inspired by legends from "Shahnameh" from the Book of Kings, the great Persian poetry epic written by the Persian poet, Ferdowski (c. 940 - 1020).

    Some of these works will employ Iranian traditional instruments such as the santoor, kamaancheh and daf. For tickets, please call 416.973.4000. Ticket price ranges from $25 to $40.
Behnam Jahanbeiglou with DJ Siamlak - 11:00 pm to 1:30 am at Brigantine Room
A late night show featuring a live band and DJ to get people up and dancing! For tickets, please call 416.973.9000. Ticket price is $12.


No age restrictions


235 Queens Quay West
Toronto, Ontario

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