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Poetri's Poetry Workshop

Hollywood Theatre district

November 5th, 2009 3:00 am - 8:00 pm
Tickets: $ 99

FINALLY, a class for and about you!  From BROADWAY to BOARDROOMS, TONY AWARD Winner, Poetri, has done over 200 commercials and publications for Nike, Gatorade, VH1, Time Warner, NBA, and more.  His workshops have been featured and raved about on OprahTyra BanksStarting Over, and was a major thread in FX's controversial TV series,Black White! Poetri offers two dynamic workshops on an ongoing basis; COMMAND THE STAGE and SPOKEN WORD MINISTRY.  Pick one best suits you.  Each class takes you through a personal growth with merely six basic questions.

Execute, Market, and Hone your skills!  Poet, actor, writer, this is for you!  Learn how to finally GET PAID for your words.):
  • WHO is my audience?
  • WHAT should my words look and sound like?
  • WHEN is feedback necessary?
  • WHERE can I promote myself?
  • WHY do I and what I say matter?
  • HOW can I overcome my stage freight?
Laughing while Learning is the backdrop to this class!

  • Want to share your faith more eloquently?
  • Desire to congregate with other like minded people?
  • Need a place to just 'be' and not be 'judged'?
  • Aspiring to be expressive without being aggressive?
  • Aching to openly share your faith?
  • Longing to tell YOUR story?
This uplifting, soul searching, workshop will keep you praising for days!

Classes run for 4 WEEK SESSIONS each
For More Info:  Log onto or 
Call (800) 400-3959

Only $99
Only $50 needed for registration and balance due first day of class. 
Space is limited so DON'T WAIT! 
MORE INFO: (888) 400-3959
www.poetriworkshop. com 


No age restrictions


6476 Santa Monica
Los Angeles, California
Phone: 888 400 3959

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