Vendome Mayfair New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve at Vendome Mayfair

85 Piccadilly
London, W1J 7NB 02074952595

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About Vendome Mayfair

Vendome Mayfair - The Venue

The design of Vendome is not just groundbreaking in every sense of the word it is individualistic and creative 'art'. In drawing inspiration from the high end surroundings of the neighbouring Bond Street Freddie Frampton and the designer Paul Daly set out on a mission to 'bring back the dance floor' while creating an interior high in luxury detail that suggests the quality, excitement and glamour one may feel when visiting the shops next door. The luxurious gold leaf toilets, crystal chandeliers, bespoke seating pods and the striking chrome eternity ringed bar contain subtle references to precious jewellery, cutting edge fashion and fine art. In combining these design features alongside an outrageous video interactive dance floor with rotating Dj booth at the helm, a powerful subliminal message is delivered which communicates a carefree environment in a world which is entirely unique, flamboyant and frivolous to the extreme.

The launch of Vendome Mayfair has put an end to the minimalist design of the nightclub of London’s West End over the last decade. In the mid-nineties the launch of numerous venues killed the dance floor by encouraging guests to groove around the tables.

Vendome has been created to induce patrons back on to the dance floor and revive the atmosphere of the clubs of old.

The look and feel of the space will reflect this carefree attitude – a combination of seventies retro disco, reminiscent of scenes from the movie ‘Xanadu’ with distinctly futuristic bespoke design elements. Daly has employed an array of bold and colourful furnishings to blast the minimalism of the last decade away.

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