Empire Ballroom New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve at Empire Ballroom

3765 Las Vegas Blvd
Las Vegas, Nevada 89101 702-737-7376

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About Empire Ballroom

'Empire Ballroom sets itself apart in the intangible as well as concrete with guaranteed unparalleled service for everyone, locals and high-rollers alike. The Empire Ballroom creates vastly distinct environments in a structure that can hold 1300 people. A dark and intimate entrance delivers guests into a room of deep red and rich chocolate browns, overstuffed couches and walls of soft candlelight. A massive crystal chandelier soars high above the main room with a stage 26 feet deep and 40 feet wide, state of the art audio and superb sightlines and comfortable intimacy. There are eight private cabanas on the balcony level, and an exclusive candlelit VIP lounge and a beautifully appointed patio deck with sweeping views of the strip below to complete the scene. The Empire Ballroom caters to a range of special and private events which range from small intimate gatherings to full large-scale productions. The venue's production capabilities are among the best and most flexible in the country. The venues is also suited for full scale live music touring acts and internationally famous DJ's to large scale corporate events. The 30 foot high ceiling holds multiple rigging points to enhance production decor, offers extensive and unique lighting options and provides the opportunity to create visuals not typically seen in nightclub environments.

Empire Ballroom serves as an independent and excitingly sophisticated oasis not housed in the chaos of casino hotels, unique in design rich with pure luxury and elegance.'

Past Events at Empire Ballroom

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