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Hollywood Stars New Years Eve Dinner and Dance

Peacock Bar

December 31st, 2010 5:00 pm - 6:00 am
Tickets: £ 38.5
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Please note:
This ticket includes a classic 70's buffet with all the favourites; cheese and pineapple on a stick, melon and parmaham, vol au vents, scampi, prawn cocktail, Trifle all the classics that everyone loves.


Peacock Bar is proud to announce its "Hollywood Stars - The Best New Years Eve Party In The World Ever 2010" with burlesque, cabaret, Djs, dancing till 6am in the morning at the award winning Peacock Bar.

This will be London's Top New Years Eve Party!.

The "Hollywood Stars" Theme.
The venue - not to mentions staff - will all be dressed in 30s, 40s 50s Hollywood attire so expect venetian masks, Marilyn Monroe films flickering on the walls, red carpet, Oscars, the whole works. Dressing up is optional but is strongly encouraged whether its 30s evening gowns, burlesque gear or black tie just as long as its glamorous (but yes guys jeans and trainers are fine too).

Our hosts will be pouring complimentary sambucca and tequila for everyone making the effort.

The show, DJ's and dancing:
The evening kicks off early at 8pm with six shows by three performers with Djs in between. The first is our David Martini, a romantic singer in the Dean Martin mould who does so love bringing ladies on stage to sing too ... and that's not all.

The second is the beautiful and sultry burlesque singer Lady Midnight, who likes nothing better than bringing bankers on stage and singing Hey Big Spender to them whilst they sit .... Having of course tied up them up.

And to finish the shows why its Andy Winehouse .... only thing is she might be in a bit of a bad mood as so from Camden and she is so missing her Blakey.

After the shows its Djs and dancing (whenever that might be!) with DaveDiskoJuice rubbish 80/90s cheesy Djs turning into Classic Ibizan house (you know the old stuff "Music Sounds Better With You etc) after 2amish for that real NYE party from yesteryear feel. That's till round about 6amish when we kick you out all sozzled like.

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The Performers:
David Martini:
Comes to us straight from performing in The Rat Pack as our very own Dean Martin absolutely oozing charm & sophistication. In fact this guy is so cool he is practically comatose. Except for one thing he does so so love the ladies. So don't be surprised when he walks into the crowd and comes back with a beautiful lady to sing a love song too. Top notch singing and improv from cabaret's self proclaimed coolest cat.

Lady Midnight:
Our sultry burlesque dancer & singer returns but watch out she's learnt a few things and she is looking for male volunteers to submit to her will and she will not take no for an answer. As well as great songs from the 50s and 60s Lady Midnight has a scintillating floor show and burlesque costumes to boot. Has to be seen to be believed!

Andy Winehouse:
Complete with JD & coke, tattoos, bee hive haircut and err hairy chest. When shes not banging out the hits she's regaling the crowd with a running commentary on her life and eeer you guessed it her ex husband. But that won't stop her from trying to chat up your boyfriend or falling off the stage for that matter! Hilarious and great songs too.

Our very own self proclaimed celebrity DJ - purveyor of 80s,90s and classic house tunes to D list celebrities and footballers throughout Essex - will be spinning the tunes all night with a little help from some friends. Our super popular resident Saturday Night DJ promises a night of music and dancing you will never forget.

Stars In Their Eyes:
Fancy going on stage? Well whether you like it or not our performers are looking for victims … ooops I mean volunteers from every group so tough! You have the choice between our super smooth Dean Martin who will tell you how beautiful you are before singing you a love song, our beautiful Lady Adora who would love to tie you to a chair whilst she sings Big Spender to you, or for the really brave …….Andy Winehouse who will positively unpleasant. Come on now don't be shy.

Speed dating:
For the young free and single we are also putting on a bit of a speed dating thing too compeered by one of our performers so do remember to look your best as you never know who you might meet. And we are expecting every table to contribute a few victims - ooops I mean singles too just so you know - come on let your work mates see just how bad at pulling you really are. No seriously if there is not a significant increase in the UK birth rate in September 2011 we shall consider ourselves to have failed!

Cocktail Lessons:
For early birds we open from 5pm ish as a bar and our resident cocktail supremos will be hosting cocktail lessons with our infamous scoring cards with messages like "null points" to "my place or yours?"


Due to the nature of NYE parties, View cannot accept responsibility for last minute changes to schedules/lineups etc. The venue's management maintain the right to refuse entry. ALL tickets are non-refundable.


18 and Over


148 Falcon Road, Battersea
London Phone: 0870 428 6998

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